Monday, May 11, 2009

no more red meat

Greetings to those of you I less than three. You know who you are.

Blog day: 1

No Red Meat For A Week day: 1

I Don't Want To Go To Work Day: 4,376,215

So, this blog will obviously be inane and pointless but at the moment I actually have something to post progress on. I promised a friend that I would eat no red meat (which apparently includes pork - who knew?) for a week. So, at the very least, I can post about what I eat every day. Doesn't that sound exciting? Well, bite me because it is! I rarely commit to anything that might possibly inconvenience me so this is obviously a Very Big Deal.

What I've ingested so far today : a cup of coffee.

Kim: 1
Red Meat: 0.

Game on.

10:30am update: I got some Chikin-minis from Chic-fil-A for breakfast.

2:00 update: I had pasta salad for lunch. It wasn't that good. =\ Thank goodness I had breakfast today. With meat. Forgive me?
<--My not-so-yummy pasta salad.

9:00pm-ish update : I tried a Boca chicken and swiss sandwich for dinner - I was really stoked about it because I actually was under the impression it was completely vegan - which Jon (otherwise known as my vegan less-than-three-er) was nice enough not to point out that SWISS is actually cheese. I'm not really a stupid person, I just play one in real life. Anyways, I think I did a pretty awesome job today. It wasn't fully vegan but it was definitely weak - willed vegetarian.

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