Thursday, August 13, 2009

what can i say?

my day without you drags by. i want to talk to you every second that i can't, to ask how your day is, to ask who you're working with, to tell you about my day. but for the sake of us, i don't. i try very hard to work within the boundaries you need to set and hope that you know how much i am with you. i absolutely despise and hate the distance between us. i would sit on the couch quietly with you or just read or watch tv while we were simply together.

i have all the faith in you and in us. i realize it won't be easy - i know that it's going to feel impossible at times, but to me, you are worth it. we'll cope together. we won't ever do anything you don't want to - we'll find a way to make it work without taking any avenues you aren't comfortable with. it's important that you know these things. i do not want to change you or make you compromise how you feel about anything. anything. i know that i might get impatient at times, but i'm learning too - and i'm not worried. the good of you and me far outweighs the bad and i can't wait until we can indulge in all the good for days on end.

i just want you to know i love you. i think you are incredible. i know that you are worth it. i still cannot wait to start our lives together and am still very much planning on the future we've been working toward. i promised you i wouldn't just walk away from you and i mean it.

hugz? i <3 u

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